Farm Bill Tracker

Approximately every five years, Congress passes a new Farm Bill that sets programs, funding, and eligibility for U.S. Department of Agriculture programs. These programs impact nutrition, farming, ranching, and production, rural development, utility and internet access, and more across the U.S., Indian Country included.

IFAI’s curated tracker offers an analysis of the 2018 Farm Bill’s Indian Country-specific provisions and offers a look at opportunities for Indian Country agriculture in the next Farm Bill.

Before diving into tracker, let’s cover a few basics: What are marker bills, and what is the Farm Bill process?

A marker bill is a piece of proposed legislation that can help with forming the Farm Bill’s legislative language. Elected officials will propose bills within committees, and depending on how the bills do within the committees determines whether or not the legislation makes it into the house or senate versions of the bill.

Please note, this tracker is a living resource that IFAI updates regularly.