Marketing Native-Produced Food Products

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Marketing Native-Produced Food Products

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Which Program Should You Consider?

Are you ready to market your product directly to the domestic consumer?

If the answer is YES…

Are you looking for opportunities to reach the consumer directly or through a government program (not through retailer)?

Directly to Consumer…

  • USDA – LocalAgriculture MarketProgram Grants

Government Program…

  • USDA – AMS VendorCertification
  • USDA – DOD FreshProgram

If the answer is NO…

Are you interested in a feasibility study to explore niche markets?

YES, Directly to Consumer…

  • IntertribalAgriculture CouncilAmerican IndianFoods Program

YES, Government Program…

  • USDA Value-AddedProducer Grant


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June 6, 2023