Congressional Hearing: House Natural Resources Committee – June 22, 2023 – IFAI Notes

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Hearing: House Natural Resources Committee Thursday, June 22nd   

  • In her opening testimony, Chair Mallory mentioned tribal nations in the context of the Biden Administration’s “America the Beautiful” initiative that aims to restore and conserve wetlands across the country. This program has been utilized and explored by some tribal nations across the country.  
  • Responding to a question from Rep. Stansbury (D-NM) about the CEQ’s work on environmental justice for underserved communities, Chair Mallory discussed the body’s initiatives to expand support for environmental protection, resource extraction notifications and similar objectives aimed at providing service to historically-underserved communities.  
  • Rep. Cliff Bentz (R-Ore.) asked Chair Mallory several pointed questions about the role of the CEQ in official consultations with tribes and the CEQ’s view on the potential removal of four dams along the Snake River in Washington State. Rep. Bentz went on to question why consultation requests were sent only to those impacted by the loss of salmon fishing along the upper reaches of the river.
    • Chair Mallory responded that the CEQ was one of many federal stakeholders involved with the consultations and tribes concerning the long term viability of the dams.


    • Brenda Mallory, CEQ Chair 
    • Congressional Witnesses:  
    • Intro: Budget hearing on the CEQ with testimony by Chair Brenda Mallory, with a couple of mentions of the committee’s work with and for tribal nations and rights in the realm of resource extraction, environmental stewardship and federal resource allocations to underserved communities.  
  • 22 June 2023 
  • Topic: Council on Environmental Quality Budget